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Dirk Reinartz

19.10.2017 - 25.2.2018
Mauermahnmal, Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin

The opening will take place on October, 19th.
Opening on October, 19th, 6 pm

Simone Nieweg
Into the Woods: Trees in Photography
until 22 April 2018 in Victoria and Albert Museum , London

"Trees have long been a source of inspiration for artists. This display explores the diverse representation of trees in photography – as botanical subjects and poetic symbols, in the context of the natural and human worlds."
The exhibitions shows the photography Le Barroux, Vaucluse, 2012 by Simone Nieweg.

Anja Bohnhof
KOLKATA - Fotografie aus Indien
2.1.-28.4.2018 Kunstraum, Duisburg

Kunstraum shows photographs from the series "books for sale" (2009) and "Bahak" (2012).

Evelyn Hofer
in: doing identity. Collection of Reydan Weiss

Thomas Florschuetz
in: Im Moment. Fotografie aus Sachsen und der Lausitz
18.11.2017-15.4.2018 Kaisertrutz, Kulturhistorisches Museum Görlitz

Stephan Schenk
in: Hallo, Nachbar! Der tägliche Tanz um Nähe und Distanz
26.11.2017-25.3.2018 Vögele Kultur Zentrum

Carla Guagliardi
October 10th, 2017 until January 28t, 2018

The exhibition seeks to create a kind of timeline, in different generations of artists from the insertion of historical and iconic works of different periods. It is a celebration of the centenary of Marcel Duchamp's icon, readymade, appropriation and the main Duchampian legacy for all who work in the midst of the arts: freedom.

Simone Nieweg
in: Visions of Nature
13.09.2017 - 18.02.2018 Kunsthaus Wien

Caroline von Grone and Marta Guisande
in: Möglichkeiten von Malerei
3.2.-15.4.2018 Märkisches Museum Witten

The opening will take place on Friday, February 2nd, 7 pm.

François Morellet

28.10.2017-30.6.2018 Dia:Beacon and Dia:Chelsea, New York

A report by Judith Benhamou-Huet on the exhibition.

Situation Kunst

Situation Kunst is an ensemble of buildings located in the Galerie m Bochum's neighborrhood and hosts a permanent exhibition of important pieces of contemporary art and since 2010 space for temporary exhibitions in the Kubus . Situation Kunst was designed in 1988 by Alexander von Berswordt-Wallrabe as an interconnected system relating art, architecture, and nature as a synthesis. To the website of Situation Kunst